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Besides work, Renee enjoys traveling and making new friends all over the world. She believes knowing more people and their stories will enhance her understanding of people's differences needs to design better human-centered UX design. Renee is also a self-learner; she is self-learning coding courses to better cooperate with the programmers in the cohort. She is an open-minded person and a good listener; she can always come out with an idea to solve problems.

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Renee(Renying) Chen (b.1999, Wuhan, China) is a Visual artist, UIUX designer. She is currently taking her master's degree in the Master of the Digital Media program at the University of British Columbia, Canada. 


Renee graduated with a BFA degree from the School of the Art Institute Chicago in the Visual Communication Design Department. She gained a solid foundation of designer aesthetic and graphic design skills set through her studies, including brand identity, page layout, typography, motion graphic, and website interface design.


She also developed herself for problem-solving and people skills while working at the Media Center at the School of the Art Institute Chicago for two years. Renee has a strong sense of digging into social issues, she always presenting or trying to show solutions through her design. 


While in the MDM program, Renee has excelled in academic performance. Currently Renee is focused on virtual reality user experience design, where, in collaboration with the team, Renee designed the user experience for the Justice Institute of British Columbia's virtual reality simulator for training recruits to deal with active shooters, with a particular focus on the uniqueness of the police user, and provided a solution that could be adapted to the needs of the the client's needs. As the UIUX designer in the team, Renee Provided research reports for clients with the ideal scenario and Visual Styles, and accordingly designed for the User Interface in Virtual Reality simulator. She has a great experience with Communicated and cooperated with the Unity programmer to implement User Interface and decision-making User Experience into the product. Led the user testing and prepared the questionnaire and interview. Collect the User testing result as the report and push for the next level.

Vancouver, BC, Canada

+1 7788958990

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